Hongkong Post ID Registration

Hongkong Post has launched a new single account, “Hongkong Post ID” (HKP ID), for customers to enjoy easy access to all online services (i.e. EC-Ship, My SpeedPost, Hongkong Post Circular Service, ShopThruPost) of Hongkong Post via an integrated platform.

With merely a few simple steps, customers who already have accounts of the following online services can upgrade them to the new “Hongkong Post ID”with original account information and transaction history which will bring you the convenience of using one single “Hongkong Post ID” account for all of our online services. Please click "Yes, I have an online service account" to proceed. For new customer, please click "No, please create a Hongkong Post ID for me to login the online services" to start ordering stamps or use other online services.

You may register with your current online accounts of below websites of Hongkong Post.

Do you have an account of any Hongkong Post online services below?

My Speedpost
Hongkong Post Circular Service

Please select the online service you have registered an account for. Enter your login name and password for authentication and upgrade the account.